Cisco FirePower Firewalls

See more, detect faster, know what’s within

Firepower Series firewalls deliver superior visibility with real-time threat intelligence updates, received from Cisco Talos, making your zero-trust implementation practical.

Cisco FirePower Firewalls

Harmonize network and workload security

Using network and workload-based microsegmentation, minimize the danger of lateral movement from ransomware and other attacks.

Faster detection with Snort 3 IPS

Snort 3 IPS engine detects threats 3X faster and runs more rules without worrying about dampening performance as it happens.

See threats without decrypting traffic

Cisco Secure Firewall’s Encrypted Visibility Engine enables you to look within your encrypted traffic for threats without having to decrypt all of it.

Threat intelligence from Cisco Talos

Get a steady stream of comprehensive threat updates from an award-winning of cybersecurity experts and researchers.

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Cisco FirePower Feature Matrix

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