Managed Services

Manage Services can mean a lot of different things to people. We offer many different levels of services.

Network Monitoring and/or support (comprehensive or specific devices, connection, etc, you choose)
This may be for the LAN/WAN via tools like Solar Winds, server health & patch management, etc.

Hybrid and Cloud Data Backup
If we take ownership or simply monitor your backups this might also be thought of as a managed service.

Secure File Sharing
This is like DropBox but truly secure and without the problems encountered when company and individual DropBox accounts are “blended.”
This service is an excellent way for teams to collaborate and enjoy online storage with versioning.
One of our offerings even will sign off for HIPAA (and other regulations) compliance and offers a true Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Desktop Monitoring
This includes health monitoring, patch management and instant remote access when support when needed.

Contact us so we can build the right Managed Services Solution for your organization.

We offer flexible options from taking on support of every vital component of your network to on the one’s you want.