SIP Trunking

SWC, LLC offers SIP Trunking Solutions

SWC, LLC offers a SIP Trunking plan to fit virtually any size business. From small businesses looking for the flexibility and cost savings of VoIP, to mid-sized businesses looking for business continuity, disaster recovery and unlimited calling, SWC, LLC has a plan for your business. Don’t see what your looking for? Call an Account Executive today to help you decide which option is right for you.

What is SIP and SIP Trunking?

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) has become the common signaling standard for real-time communications for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). SIP is an open-standard which enables SWC, LLC’s customers to seamlessly connect existing customer premise equipment (CPE) with our carrier class voice network. A SIP Trunk is a virtual phone line that utilizes a Broadband connection for access, and offers up to 40% savings over traditional telephone lines.

Here is a Simple Diagram for How SIP Trunking is Implemented

Midsize SIP Implementation

In the above drawing we see the connection to the Public Service Telephone Network (PSTN) is achived via a SIP trunk (or several) connection(s). So, if your company is currently still using legacy connections like PRI (primary rate interface) then we can show your company significant savings. However, even if you are with another SIP provider at this time SWC, LLC can still help reduce that cost and save your company a good deal over time.

SWC, LLC offers the following SIP Trunk Plans:

Unlimited Two-Way Enhanced
Unlimited Two-Way
Metered Enhanced

Customer Premise Equipment


There are at least two ways of connecting your PBX to SWC, LLC’s SIP Trunking service. First, if you have a PBX (Hardware or Software) that is SIP capable, or it has a SIP gateway add-on, you most likely will be able to connect to our SIP Trunking service with little or no hardware cost. Alternatively, you can use what’s called an Integrated Access Device (IAD) to connect to our service. There are many providers of IADs, and we can help you choose the best solution to fit your needs.

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