Wireless Site Survey

Everyone is doing more and more wireless networking and typical questions like these arise:

  • How can you best plan for 100 % wireless coverage for your facilities?
  • How can you identify rogue or unauthorized wireless devices that may cause interference or be conducting eavesdropping?
  • How can you tell if you have too much or too little wireless in your environment?
  • How can you isolate devices causing performance issues with your wireless?
  • How can you know if your wireless security is truly working as intended?

It is done with special equipment & sophisticated software. We use Fluke AirMagnet.

We have years of experience and know how to interpret the measurements gathered with AirMagnet. We tell our clients what they need to know in language they can understand.

We take a practical approach to site surveys and provide just what the client needs without charging for a lot of "fluff" like most.

We understand and support both autonomous (standalone AP's) and controller-based wireless implementations.

We can help ensure you get the best performance from your wireless!

Sample Warehouse Survey Heat Map

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